Strategy & Operations

Strategy & Operations

Strategy. Performance. Results Beyond Compare.

And Beyond provides strategic and tactical advice on organizational strategic planning and execution with a specialization in business development, marketing and human resources management. With a commitment to adding value and delivering impactful, undisputable results, we have established entrenched relationships with large-scale private companies.

Strategic Planning

We work with companies of all sizes throughout Western Canada; from small-scale start-ups to large scale private companies with decades of experience. Our team acts as a catalyst to drive business strategy, achieve operational excellence and develop the skills of the management team. We create company specific processes, tools and systems that are easily adopted by internal stakeholders thus allowing companies to move forward with a performance-driven approach.

Operational Excellence

We collaborate with private companies of all sizes with the development and implementation of winning strategies for the marketplace. We work with our clients to develop the appropriate internal infrastructure – be it operating practices, organizational design, workforce management, IT, KPIs, and the like – to ensure success.

Executive Training & Development

Management and Leadership skills are fundamental requirements of senior level management however, they are distinctly different competencies.

  • Leadership ability is a behavior; some are lucky enough to be born with it naturally while others must learn how to lead. Leadership is visionary, thoughtfully forward thinking, inspirational and dynamic.
  • Management is anchored in day-to-day operations. It is process oriented, with trackable results.

Meenu Bakshi, President and Founder of And Beyond provides committed support to top talent through personalized coaching and mentorship to enhance leadership skills and ability. Executive level training and development ranges from strategic and tactical to emotional.  Meenu is acutely focused on driving revenue, implementing sound operating practices, building skills and capabilities of her client’s team. Meenu understands that communication methods and creative approaches to developing people’s competencies for delivering results in all areas of a growth-oriented businesses are critical for the success of your business.

Executive training and development can be conducted one on one or as a group level coaching.