Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

Strategy. Performance. Results Beyond Compare.

We make every word count! We specialize in expert professional writing at all levels and we focus on purposeful, strategic communication. We have a very successful track record for premium writing skills that use the appropriate tone and sentiment for the audience.

Professional Report Writing

Our team takes the lead within your organization to write key reports such as: strategic plans, annual reports, proposals, award submissions and other confidential documents.


We create effective and meaningful presentations that are clear and impactful. With our understanding of your audience, we will create dynamic presentations for CEOs to deliver at AGMs, Townhalls, Board of Directors meetings and newly acquired companies.

Internal Communications

We bring your words to life. Our clients count on us to manage many aspects of internal communications, including newsletters, executive messages, special event presentations and speeches for celebrations.

External Communications

Many companies either want to or do participate in National and Provincial award and recognition programs that require a detailed written submission. We understand the detailed requirements of these programs and make your company shine through the process.

We have a proven track record with the creation of magazine and newspaper articles; corporate profiles, and TV commercials.