Marketing & Branding

Marketing & Branding

Strategy. Performance. Results Beyond Compare.

Branding is who you are. It is your identity in the marketplace. Marketing is how you build awareness.


We take a strategic approach to marketing in order to add-value to our clients’ business through impactful and undisputable results. We focus on the bottom line, we understand the communication methods and creative approaches that will deliver results for our clients.

A company’s marketing department is not a cost centre. Done right, your marketing activities should drive revenue and support revenue generating activities. We can assist in creating a marketing program from scratch or improving an existing marketing program by implementing best practices. We will analyze your organization’s infrastructure to ensure your activities are designed to track year-over-year activity and results.

Branding & Creative

Branding is more than a logo or company name. Your brand strategy helps you stand out from your competitors. Your brand strategy brings your competitive positioning to life and works to position your company in the minds of new prospects and clients. Your brand represents your company’s face and personality in the marketplace. Simply put, we work to differentiate your company’s profile from your competitors and effectively reach your target audience.

  • Brand architecture – Creation of a comprehensive specifications manual consisting of: logo design, usage guidelines, colour schemes for creative work and templates for communications including letterhead, business cards, emails, etc.
  • Brand management – Once brand architecture and/or branding guidelines have been established, brand management activities represent tactical implementation of branding related activities.
  • Creative – We have complete design capabilities to support your brand
    • Websites
    • Advertising campaigns
    • Corporate and product brochures

Web Design & Implementation

With an experienced web design team in-house, we create modern and creative websites from conceptual design to successful launch. We can design administration portals for self-management of new content or we can manage all aspects of website updating for you.

Social Media

Social media programs are diverse, complex to navigate and confusing when it comes to selecting the right platforms for optimal business profiling. We will support your business with framing and capitalizing on the social media platforms that are right for your business today and into the future.

Advertising & Promotion

Creating a dynamic, consistent advertising framework is crucial in creating a brand that is recognized in the marketplace. Our team creates advertising and promotional campaigns that will grow your results.

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Corporate, divisional or product/service-related slogans
  • Product promotion

Tradeshows & Events

We approach trade shows and events as a way of making a unique and lasting impression on people our clients meet through the process.

  • Tradeshows – Beyond brochures and give away items; we focus on having a real presence at tradeshows. Be noticed.  Be remembered.
  • Client events – Not just a party. Our team asks, “Do we have the right people in the room?” and “How do we get them there?”
  • Internal events – We can organize your holiday parties, anniversary celebrations, recognition and reward celebrations ensuring that they will be memorable experience for all attendees.

Corporate Videos

We have complete capabilities to create your video messaging.  We have experience with corporate videos, YouTube videos and television advertising.