“Meenu is quite simply Vancouver’s most outstanding and dynamic strategy consultant. It is rare that someone as accomplished as Meenu is also such a principled individual with an unwavering focus on personal and professional integrity.”

Nolan Watson, President & CEO, Sandstorm Gold Ltd - sandstormgold.com

“I’ve worked with Meenu since 2007. Throughout this time, she has remained true to herself in her straight forward approach to her work and consistent in her ability to deliver exceptional results. She is able to give candid and sometimes controversial feedback because it is always tied back to what is in the best interest of our company and lives true to our values and corporate standards. Meenu exhibits absolute integrity in how she operates as a professional; she is honest, authentic and a natural leader.”

Doug MacFarlane, President & CEO, ITC Construction Group - itc-group.com

“Meenu has a laser like focus on delivering desired outcomes for each project she leads. What impresses us the most is the volume of work Meenu handles in tight deadline situations while also making sure it is of an extremely high quality. Each project we have worked on with And Beyond has been a complete success.”

Ashley Cooper, CEO and Ted Reid, CFO, Paladin Security Group - paladinsecurity.com

“Meenu is the one person you should select for your team if you truly want to look closely at your business. Her honesty and ability to break down the protective barriers put up by people in business is important for the future success of all her clients. Meenu is not burdened by politics, not swayed by financial compensation and not overwhelmed by position. Meenu is smart, honest and strong and can be your biggest asset.”

Joyce M Hodge, Chairman & CEO, Bond Reproductions Inc. - bondrepro.com

“I met Meenu at Deloitte. She achieved something very unique at an accounting firm:  as a marketing professional she worked closely with our client CEOs and CFOs. Her tenacity and keen insight was quickly recognized by clients.

Then when Meenu incorporated And Beyond, White Spot was one of her first clients. Our management team quickly recognized her high professional standards and ethics. She is knowledgeable about business processes and provides constructive advice. Finally, she understands the intricate nuances of our business and is passionate about our needs and success.

We work with Meenu on strategic projects and are glad to have her on our team.”

Kelvin Lum, CFO, White Spot Ltd - whitespot.ca

“Whether you meet Meenu in a personal or professional capacity, her personal values of investing in people to help them grow and succeed quickly becomes apparent. She has changed the way I looked at the world. I met Meenu in January 2013 when I was working for a large-scale fitness chain. As we worked together, she pushed and tested me in my knowledge and skills as much as I did her in her physical training. She took the time to understand my personality and capabilities and then encouraged and supported me in my decision to start my own business. Now my company is doing great and my only regret is that I didn’t meet Meenu sooner!

A successful business woman, who knows what it takes to succeed, Meenu took the time to mentor me in areas where I needed improvement and provided encouragement and instilled confidence in areas where I was strong. Forthright in her guidance, she provides honest and sincere critiques for professional development. She is unique in that her methods encompass both spiritual and personal growth. If you are looking for someone to help you set goals, unlock your potential and guide you on your path to success – Meenu holds the key!”

Kelly MacDonald, Owner/Operator at KMACFIT - kmacfit.com

“Over the past seven years, Meenu has been a great life coach, career coach, and mentor to me. I can attribute much of my success to her guidance in helping me navigate through my career, including job offers, salary discussions, and career moves. With her assistance, I have successfully navigated my academic and professional career; she helped put me on the growth trajectory where I can achieve my long-term goals.

On a more personal note, she has helped me become more confident in my abilities and has helped me be cognizant of the impact of my decisions in the long-term versus the present. Meenu is practical, has a great deal of business experience, and understands what it takes to succeed in the business world. When making tough career decisions, I can rest assured knowing that Meenu has my best interest at heart and will be more than willing to share her thoughts on how I should proceed.”

Akaash Bali, Co-Founder & Director, Young Investor Program Canada - yipcanada.com